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This article documents a current event.
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Taylor Leading SCJP Forces Into An Unknown Future
DateFebruary 23rd, 2023 - October 3rd, 2023
  • SCJP is established as new brand within The WIDEVERSE
  • Prude takes over as WIDE STEWARD
  • The SCEMA Quarrantine Zone is establish for refugees
  • CST is banned from WIDEBOYS
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
Tato and boyfriend banned, CST banned from WIDEBOYS N/A Taylor temporarily self exiles

The WIDEBOYS-SCJP Schism (Referred to by some as the 4th COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR) was a wide ranging conflict within The WIDEVERSE between the SCJP, led by Taylor, and the primary body of the WIDEVERSE, WIDEBOYS, stewarded by Prude, though most conflicts existed with moderator Capri Sun Tzu stemming from Taylors ongoing frustration with The WIDEVERSE's aimless direction.


2021-2023 Slumps

The origins of the schism reach all the way back to 2020 when The WIDEVERSE began its slide into a long lasting Dark Age. The slump intensified over 2021 and 2022 when expectations for the groups growth were not realized and a multitude of projects, including WIDEFORCE and WIDEVANIA.


Taylor Abdicates

Since as early as December of 2022, Taylor had begun talking about stepping away entirely from WIDEBOYS, due to lasting frustrations with the groups direction. Though originally planned to happen towards the end of the year, Taylor abidacted his leadership to Prude, who was established as WIDESTEWARD in February, then fully leaving on May 15th.

Clashes with Capri

Even after leaving the community, Taylor and Capri's relationship began to crumble. Taylor had long held anger against his former moderator, alleging he had oversold himself, promising several projects that never came to light. A cold war began to brew between the two, constantly sniping at each other. Taylor soon extended this to other former moderators and trusted confidants, such as Kimsemus.

On March 28th, Taylor presented a proposal to Prude, Kimsemus, and Capri. Unspoken was that it was essentially an ultimatum: Fail and be removed from WIDEVERSE

Project ARK

Part of Taylor's post-WIDEBOYS plan was to create a small group of "shooters" aka extremely loyal and dedicated personalities, referred to as Project ARK. The project would later morph into what became known as the COMMUNISM Reformation Front.

Night of Long Potato Peelers

Taylor returns to remove the tankie zoomers.

On the evening of July 30th, 2020, SCJP loyalist Tony and WIDEBOYS moderator, began mulling over whether or not to leave the community server over the presence of Tato and her tankie cuck boyfriend. Taylor urged him not to leave, and instead purge the undesirables. On the morning of July 31st, Prude accepted Taylor and Tonys terms, with Taylor finally rejoining and beginning the banning. Prude set up the SCEMA as a refugee camp for those affected.

The purge marked the end of the schism, with all sides coming to terms.


In July, MOTHER was reformed as part of a classified operation. Taylor and Capri agreed to a temporary truce in order to effectively work together.

CST Banned

When the MOTHER operation failed, the rift between Capri and Taylor was only widened. Feeling as though Capri had become even more useless, but also with his prior sins such as running off ADL and Ozmiander, Taylor banned both him and Kimsemus from SCJP, WIDEBOYS, and BEEFY BOYS, effectively removing them from The WIDEVERSE. Kimsemus was later allowed back, having technically succeeded in his part of the ultimatum. Capri however, was not, mostly due to admitting he saw WIDEBOYS as a dead end. but was later let back into BEEFY BOYS due to Prude's bleeding heart.



  • The first civil war for Taylor to find himself the aggressor since 2008