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FormationJuly 31, 2023; 11 months ago (2023-07-31)
Formerly called

SIDEBOYS Supermax (Formerly known as The Sevier County Emergency Management Agency, though often shortened to SCEMA and referred to as Losercord by Taylor, and briefly just SIDEBOYS) is a refugee Discord set up by Prude in the aftermath of the WIDEBOYS-SCJP Schism and the purge of undesirables.


Original logo for SCEMA

SIDEBOYS began as a proposed concept by Prude in July of 2023. His original vision was a separate space where people who had been banned, kicked, or generally ostracized within the WIDEVERSE could congregate and have a hands off no rules area for themselves. The concept replaced The WIDEKINGS Amnesty.

WIDEBOYS Refugee Crisis

A normal conversation in crazy person land aka SCEMA

On the morning of July 31st, Taylor returned from his exile to the WIDEBOYS primary Discord, beginning The Night of Long Potato Peelers, banning Tato and her boyfriend, as well as other undesirables. Prude saw it as a perfect opportunity to institute the experiment. While it was briefly pitched as a channel within the main server itself, Prude eventually decided to make it its own server.


After the initial influx of refugees, Prude began reaching out to previously banned or lapsed members such as Food, DankRegice, and Ass-Haggis, with the promise that it was a "safe space" away from Taylor, though Ass-Haggis would eventually leave it as well because he's a trooned out retard.

Rename & End of Kayfabe

The Discord was renamed again on January 1st 2024 to SIDEBOYS Supermax to differentiate it from SIDEBOYS, the rebranded WIDEBOYS. 3 days later, Prude and Taylor revealed the original intent behind the server to its residents, causing Tato to melty.