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This is what happened in 2012:

  • April 3rd: Friend Zone is founded after Jorgan leaves Vox Radix. Prude and others are invited to join. Second Golden Age begins.
  • April 12th: Shelarahn is recruited to help run the new guild
  • April 12th: The Friend Vault, what would later be known as The Swift Archives, is founded
  • May 24th: Ownership of COMMUNISM is transferred back to Shelarahn from Petrus
  • Summer: Friend Zone begins casual raiding
  • August 17th: Friend Zone clears Heroic Dragon Soul
  • August 28th: Guild Wars 2 launches, marking the WIDEVERSES first entry into a non-Warcraft game
  • September 25th: World of Warcrafts 4th expansion, Mists of Pandaria, launches
  • October 6th: VIGIL is formed to vet raid recruits
  • November 23rd: FriendCraft is launched
  • December 23rd: Huehuehuehue.com is launched