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PPJs SA Avatar
Other namesJones
OccupationFormer SA Mod/Nazi Hunter
Years active2018-2020

PartyPlaneJones (also referred to simply as Jones) was a SomethingAwful moderator, specifically of the Debates and Discussions subforum, who gained infamy in early 2020 when it was revealed he had "secretly" been a member of BMW for years. He would later resign his modship over this and dissappeared.


Jones, Nazi Hunter

GESTAPO (later MOTHER) had long known of Jones membership in BMW due to the fact that he registered via GDN using his mod account. However, attention was not brought to this until later on when it was also revealed that he was an active poster on KiwiFarms under the name ██████.


After PPJs resignation and permaban, he dropped off the radar for a while. However, as of early 2021, he was found to be active in at least 2 Goon Discords using the same account but with a different name. Unclear whether or not these communities are aware of the fact that he is in fact Jones.