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A fucking brony av
Other namesFutureCasual
OccupationCo-Leader of BMW
Years active2016-2018

FutureCasual was one of the co-Leaders or "red names" of BMW in the Post-Rust era. He spearheaded the Conan Exiles, Guild Wars 2, and Destiny 2 projects, failing at both. He eventually had a melty in 2018 and quit.



Future joined at the very tail end of BMWs time in Rust, but quickly became one of the more reliable members, being instrumental in the BMW Rusticity project. However, he and BMW leader, Taylor, frequently would get into shouting matches over issues stemming from the failing groups failures in Rust.

Conan Exiles & Destiny

Future rose to prominence and leadership during Conan Exiles, leading many of the raid groups and keeping the game active for several months. He again stepped up during Destiny 2's launch when he began organizing BMW's clan. However, issues began to arise again between Taylor and Future when he started suggesting that BMW join a different clan, instead of fielding their own. Taylor would eventually relent, allowing Future to lead the raid group to join a pubbie clan. Many blame Futures raid failures on his insistence to drag his wife along to raids.


In Summer of 2018, Future began planning a Modern Warfare Discord, separate from BMW. When Taylor told him that wasn't allowed, Future instead chose to leave. This further inflamed the issues between Taylor and The Wonkas, who blamed him for some reason.

Future would show up in Wonkacord and remain active for several months, but had become inactive by the time of the Skirmish Of Wonka Plains.