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Josh and Morgan on Gorgonnash with their original characters
Other namesReckface, Nawp, Vitaminwater, Smileymiley
Years active2009-2013
AlignmentLawful Neutral

Jorgan (portmanteau of Josh and Morgan) were two of the former members of COMMUNISM who joined in the second incarnation just before The Dark Ages. Originally known by the screennames of Reckface and Jessikuh, they renamed many times over the year, most notably as Nawp and Vitaminwater during the Friend Zone Era.


Josh (a warrior) began as a social member in Damage Done and Morgan (a hunter) as a general guild hopper among social meme guilds. The both met in mid-2009 during The 2nd COMMUNISM Era. Josh himself was never an actual member of COMMUNISM, but Morgan was, specifically as Spaceballs e-girlfriend. Josh was however a member of the larger Gorgonnash community that was based around COMMUNISM, and the two developed a relationship

The Jorgan Fiasco

The relationship between the two finally culminating an IRL meetup, as both were fairly close to each other in California. The anticipated meetup came and went with little fanfare, leading to much suspicion and speculation within the group. The two were confronted one night in Ventrilo, with Josh revealing Morgan had been catfishing him, posing as an older "scene girl". However, this did little to harm their relationship, and the two remained a couple.

Friend Zone

After the failure of The 2nd COMMUNISM, both went on to more successful raiding guilds on Gorgonnash before ultimately transferring off to Darkspear US to join Vox Radix. At some point, however, the two felt led to step away from hardcore raiding and decided to found their own more casual guild. They called up many of their old Gorgonnash friends, including Prudedruid and Shelarahn, forming Friend Zone.


After Shelarahn was kicked out of Friend Zone, the two continued leading Friend Zone until they passed off most duties to an officer, focusing more on real life matters.