Darkspear US

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Darkspear US is a World of Warcraft server that was home to Friend Zone.


As competitive raiding became more prolific in the 2010's, many serious players began abandoning Gorgonnash in favor of more active servers. A popular destination for them was Darkspear, which had both an active PvE and PvP scene, bolstered by high end guilds such as Vox Radix and Bajheeras Army. Jorgan, being active in competitive raiding on Gorgonnash, were among those that chose to relocate to Darkspear in the early 2010s. In early 2012, they would break off from the guild they transferred to join, creating Friend Zone.

Gorgonnash 2.0

In late 2012 and 2013, many other longtime Gorgonnash players also relocated to Darkspear, most notably TeamCanada, who would later fold into Friend Zone.


In the years after Shelarahns Banishment, Darkspear continued to prosper, with many new guilds transferring to the server to compete. However, around 2015 the server began to tank, with almost all its most competitive raiding guilds transferring off, including Friend Zone.

Notable Guilds