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FoundedMay 1, 2021; 3 years ago (2021-05-01)

BEEFYBOYS.WIN (Originally BEEFYBOYS.CLUB) is a Fediverse instance serving as a social network for The WIDEVERSE.


Alpha and Server Move

On April 30th of 2021, Prude began speaking cryptically of a project he was working on, refusing to elaborate until after midnight when he revealed the project was the creation of a decentralized "Fediverse" instance. The first incarnation of the site was extremely short lived, when after encountering a database bug, it was wiped and moved to a free Oracle hosting solution.

Early in the history of BB.C, the Biggers were on friendly terms with most adjacent instances, even, regularly engaging in conversation.

The Leglock Deadlock

One of the recurring bits of BB.C was the use of image posting bots, such as Taylors "ShutenBot" that posted pictures of Shuten Douji from FGO every hour. Another bot pulled from the "leglock" tag on Gelbooru. Unbeknownst to Taylor nor Prude, on June 30th 2021, the bot attempted to post a .bmp file that was unsupported by the instances exif stripping feature. As a result, the bot attempted to repost the bot every minute for nearly a week, resulting in a de fact DDoS of the server, pushing over half a terabyte of data onto the server. The problem was eventually tracked down and resolved by shutting down all the bots indefinitely.


An early BBW meme

In late March, Prude had become increasingly unhappy with the BEEFYBOYS.CLUB branding (mostly due to the acronym it created, BBC). On April 4th, after some debate and deliberation, the new domain BEEFYBOYS.WIN was settled upon, ironically enough changing the acronym to BBW. BEEFYBOYS.CLUB was officially closed oin May 21st, 2022.

Poast War

Despite being friendly with originally, BB.W and had eventually begun coming to blows. Originally it came in the form of Graf, the admin of, being snippy and dismissive, sometimes even ignoring Prude. At the same time, Taylor would constantly troll Poastoids increasingly insane and shitty takes, dragging them into hellthreads as they attempted to dogpile. This tension reached a head on April 30th of 2022 when Borzoi, a "popular" personality among the terminally online Nuremspergs, attempted to dunk on Taylor via a quote post. In response, Taylor simply posted a picture of his wife and her notably Levantine nose. Borzoi immediately ran to Graf, demanding Taylor be defederated, while simultaneously attempting to launch a smear campaign against BB.W. Most of his simps fell for it, worked into a near violent froth against the BEEFY BOYS. Prude, upon waking, was annoyed, and foolishly attempted to smooth things over with Graf. However, Graf being a drunk pre-op, was less than friendly, testing even Prudes patience, who eventually told him to go fuck himself.

Keemstar and Tim Pool of Fedi

Rumblings began in early July about a potential registered sex offender who was an active poster on ColonelJ and bot both brought it to BB.Ws attention, who eventually hosted a Snake Pit segment covering the allegations. Taylor took it upon himself personally to continue the crusade against him. Despite attempting to circle the wagons, g117ch eventually deactivated.

The backlash against the BEEFY BOYS running off a paedo was unexpected. Many, most notably Gear of Gearlandia, who began accusing BB.W of dramahounding. It was an ironic accusation, considering Gears own admission that he had dated underaged girls, prompting many on Fediverse to question his true motives for calling out BB.W. He would go on to label Taylor and Prude as the "Keemstar" and "Tim Pool" of Fediverse, respectively.


An SCJP officer overlooking their demesne.

By late 2022, Fediverse's popularity had begun to wane, mostly in the wake of revelations that Elon Musk was soon to purchase Twitter, a move many saw as a sign to return to Twitter (given that most Fedi users were just Twitter outcasts). Engagement began declining across the board, and in an attempt to drum up interest, Taylor began posting extremely obvious bait posts (that somehow still worked), most notably using the recent GTAVI leak. On September 12th, Taylor came up with an idea to start up a parody of's much beloved "Nationa Justice Party" in the form of the SCJP: The Sevier County Justice Party. It was almost immediately hilarious, with others such as Platinum from creating his own National Feeder Party, in his ongoing appreciation of fat bitches. The usual suspects were very upset, labelling the BEEFY BOYS as Jews or whatever.

Notable Bits

  • Taylors themed posts (Loli of the Day, Boats with Breeding Bodies)
  • Posting Borzois wifes nose (just the nose, like zoomed in and cropped)