Nonce of Poast Debacle

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Nonce of Poast Debacle

G117ch is rightfully drawn and quartered by good God fearing members of The Fediverse
DateJuly 1st - July 11th 2022
 Kiwi Farms
Commanders and leaders
Kiwi Farmsbot
Units involved
Dozens of Paedo haters 1 Chomo

The None of Poast Debacle was a conflict taking part on The Fediverse regarding the alleged presence of a convicted rapist on


Antifa, ColonelJ, and Bot

You know its gonna be a banger post when you see the Tamako Market av.

On July 1, 2022, user ColonelJ noted in a (thread) questioning why the fedi had issues with Graf that an additional new doxx concerning a confirmed child rapist using Poast had dropped. This information was uncovered by the same antifa circle that had previously exposed Graf and Borzoi, and presumably the nature of the thread led to individuals checking the site once more, only to see the new article.

Days later, during an unrelated thread on BEEFYBOYS.WIN, bot dropped in casually with a link to the article outing the Poast user g117ch as a convicted paedophile. Bot had mentioned it a few other times starting on the 1st of July after ColonelJ had first found it, even getting a response from a few Poasters who attempted to defend G117ch[1], saying he had owned up to his crimes (child rape) instead of running away (from his crime of raping a child). It immediately began gaining traction among several groups, especially BBW who were struck by the blatant double standards and hypocrisy from Poast, who looked upon acts that paled in comparisons to child rape, while attempting to rehabilitate G117chs image.

Taylor Takes Charge

On the evening of the 4th, Taylor posted[2] a collection of Archive links and screenshots to the popular drama site Kiwi Farms, outlining the happenings. The furor over the paedos presence hit a fever pitch during the July 8th episode of The BEEF STREAM AFTER DARK segment, The Snake Pit, where Taylor became audibly angry at the idea of a paedophile existing on his side of The Fediverse.

Over that weekend, Taylor began to amplify the message, starting a daily series of posts reminding people of his ongoing presence and asking people to not let it go.

The Pedogeddon

The afternoon of the 11th became heated, as many anonymous users began harassing G117ch, eventually forcing him to deactivate his Poast account and retreating to his personal Discord and his WoW emulators forums. Known Poast user Frosche too suddenly announced he was shuttering his account, leading many to believe he too had skeletons to hide and was shook in the wake of G117chs outing.

Typical for Fedi, a hellthread erupted when a Poast user by the name of "Tugger" put together a massive summation post of the events.[3]

On the morning of the 12th, the remainder of his pages, including his World of Warcraft emulator were taken down due to increasing harassment.