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FoundedDecember 9, 2020; 21 months ago (2020-12-09)

Poa.st is a social media site on the Fediverse, most known for hosting many White Nationalist grifters from sites like The Right Stuff, as well as their dickriders, paypigs, and simps. The site is owned and ran by a histronic BPD Canadian man known as Graf.

Relationship with The WIDEVERSE

Initially, Poa.st and its users were very friendly with the newly launched BEEFYBOYS.club, but as the year dragged on, the good users on Poast were slowly edged out by Gab/Twitter refugees who worshipped Neo-Nazi LARPing podcasters. Graf, who was originally friendly with novice admin Prude, became distant and cold, eventually outright ignoring most of the BEEFY BOYS.

A common past time for THE BOYS was mocking Nuremspergs abysmally shit takes on current politics, like simping for dead Iranianian General Salami or their constant Trump Derangement Syndrome. This mockery reached a head when one of the Z-list podcasters named Borzoi tried to dunk on THE BOYS, quickly slapped down when Taylor posted a picture of his Jewish wife. (Note: Almost all of the "Alt-Right" White Nationalist Podcasters are married to Jewish women, ironic given their supposed hatred of Jewish people.) Enraged, Borzoi demanded Graf defederated Taylor from Poa.st, citing a rarely enforced "doxxing" rule (despite the picture being the second Google result for Borzois name). The rest of the isntance was eventually also defederated after Graf had a BPD meltdown at Prude, who had actually attempted at being diplomatic.