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A typical Xermus led raid

Xermus was a Warrior on Gorgonnash who led the guild Shadow Vipers. Before his tenure at the helm of ShadowVipers, Xermus had been in a more prominent raiding guild during Vanilla. At some point during Vanilla, Xermus felt that he was screwed out of a chance to get the legendary tanking item, Thunderfury. Thus, his entire motivation of leading ShadowVipers in raiding old content was to finally attain the sword he had long been denied. On the side, he was also known to farm gold and sell it at exorbitant prices. He also had a Facebook where he lied about having girlfriends. He was never heard from again after ShadowVipers fell apart, but his mismanagement allowed an opportunity for Shelarahn to join COMMUNISM, setting into motion the events of that would lead to the rise of COMMUNISM.