Lightninghoof US

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Lightninghoof US is a World of Warcraft server that COMMUNISM was based out of during its first WoW revival in the wake of Friend Zone.


Lightninghoof had never been on the radar of COMMUNISM prior to 2013. It was a bit of a backwater server that was designated for RP, where COMMUNISM and Friend Zone had preferred to be on high population PvP servers. However, the idea was pitched by Dlights friend, Goop, who had been on Lightninghoof for years.

COMMUNISM First Arrives

Being such a small server, it was easy for the flamboyant COMMUNSIM to make a big splash immediately, especially with Trade chat antics. The boys got into a few scraps, including trolling an alleged cancer patient by having Pigeon pose as a girl and monitoring the comms of a PvP guild whos GM shit himself midbattleground. A small effort was laid out by late October for raiding, and was moderatly successful in Mogushan Vaults.

COMMUNISM Briefly Returns

Notable People & Guilds