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Recorded here is all our in-jokes, terminology, nicknames, and unsolved mysteries from across the years of The WIDEVERSE


  • Clavo - Originating from Zach Parsons SomethingAwful front page article CONEX Convict Connections[1], clavo is used as a word to describe something that is scary or frightening of the non-euclidean nature. Clavo actually means "nail" in Spanish, so its not known where Parsons got the word from originally.
  • Fully Torqued - Originating from an episode of Workaholics [2]. to be fully torqued means to be in a state of complete and total arousal, usually meaning a massive boner (or rager)
  • TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome (Also, Tay Derangement Syndrome) is something people after 2015 have started being infected with that results in the complete and total evacuation of all their prior sensibilities and logica, leading the sufferer to meltdown.
  • Would You Beat? - Its an easy question, would you beat? The question essentially means "do you find this person attractive and do you desire to have sexual relations with them".
  • Melty - Short for meltdown, the opposite of a calm still Lake. this is when someone's ass is so flammable they have completely lost control of their mental faculties and just dump endless amounts of ass hurt into the chat.
  • Crank down - Also from Workaholics (See reference 2), the term has come to be a synonym for masturbating.
  • Swayze'ing - To swayze something references to veteran BMW member Swayze who discovered that in Rust, players could be boosted over walls thought unscaleable by having the booster jump and then having the boosted also jump at the apex, leading to a much higher boost.
  • Chup - Not a thing
  • Cutch - Not a thing either
  • Power Hungry Rape Ape - Coined by Spaceballs to refer to Shelarahn in the wake of the 1st COMMUNISM Civil War. Meant to paint someone as completely mad with power and willing to do anything or crush anyone to keep it.
  • Big Bird/Cookie Monster Style - To "break it down Big Bird/Cookie Monster" style is to explain something to someone like they're a dumb ass and/or 5.
  • Little Titty Baby/Boy - A fuckboy, someone who is very dumb
  • Baby Back Bitch - Same as above
  • Trap house - Originating from Rust, a trap house is a small inconspicuous house or shack that is used to store highly valuable materials. The logic is that most wouldnt waste time on such a small shack, assuming it was just a newbie base and had no worth.
  • Ackackackackack - Its a spooky sound a skeleton makes when it laughs. If you hear it, its already too late...
  • Rampin' shit - When you and your bros find a slight incline and just RAMP it. Started in Nagrad in World of Warcraft during Burning Crusade when the COMMIES would "ramp" their mounts off the small inclines around Oshu'gun.
  • Bumbler - A Boomer or a WASPy type of suburb dweller.
  • Probing - What them Ayys gonna do to that hole
  • Did a gender - Gonna be real with yall chiefs, idk what this means
  • Adling - To continually and pointlessly crap on something and reminding people at every opportunity that you hate it and think its shit
  • Spankwater - Spankwater
  • Biggers, Bhinks, etc - Replacing first letter in certain slurs with the letter b both to stay on brand with BEEFY and avoid censorship
  • TGP - Acronym for "The Good Pubes" a phrase coined by Prude to refer to the perfect amount of pubic hair a woman should have.
  • rrat - Describes a theory or naRRATive about someone or something, usually in reference to a Vtuber. A rrat is usually completely baseless and more often than not, entirely untrue.
  • Nuremsperg - A term coined to describe Nazi LARPers/Podcast Race types on various social media platforms, but specifically Fediverse
  • Joubles - A form of troubles, possibly origination from a specific tribe, those no one knows exactly who...


  • Capitalizing everything ie COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, COMMIE CREW
  • Sbarro
  • Taylors Always Right
  • Trust in Jack (but always hedge your bets)
  • Prude mispronouncing things
  • The real x is the friends we made along the way
  • Making exaggerated claims of someone's demise or general poor state of being when they're travelling internationally (i.e. "I cant believe Prude got abducted by the Yakuza" or "I cant believe Jack got conscripted into the IRA")
  • 🅱️
  • Getting a clue
  • Year of the Linux Desktop



  • 2007-2015: COMMIES
  • 2012-2013: Friends
  • 2015-2021: Bimmer (Occassionaly used for certain things when Bigger doesnt fit)
  • 2017-2018: Wrongthinkers
  • 2020-Present: Biggers

Member Nicknames

The Great Mysteries of BMW

  • Who raided Fort Taylor in 2015?
  • Why was Jack banned?
  • Are we really gay?
  • Where are the white women at?
  • What drove Taylor from anti-weebs to Anime Lord?
  • Can you imagine being born a twink?


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