Tay Derangement Syndrome

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Simple comic explaining the "logic" of TDS sufferers

Tay Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a neologism describing a reaction to the continued existence of Taylor Swift by Goons and other foes. These "people" are said to respond to Tay's statements and political actions irrationally and with little regard to Tay's actual position or action taken.

Origin of term

The origin of the syndrome is traced to Rust, The originator of the phrase remains unknown with the first recorded discord usage of the term falling during December 2018.

Among Biggers, the term quickly made its way into the common parlance as multiple cases made them self readily apparent and persistent amongst Tays detractors.


TDS is defined simply by someone who has abandoned all reason, rationality, and proportion when speaking in regards to Taylor.

Those effected rail so incessantly with "disgust at his manner and his posts such that all distinctions between him and genuine villains is lost.". In sufficiently advanced cases[1][2][3][4] 'TDS' has been documented to severely impair the judgement making decisions of those affected.


The only cure as such seen has been for the sufferer to fall victim to their own form of TDS being used against them. In the case of Kimsemus, who had been a short suffer of advanced TDS, he found himself coming around when he himself was outed from several communities for the exact same things he had once claimed Taylor to be guilty of.

Therefore it can be assumed the only possible cure is for the sufferer to find themselves against someone suffering their own form of derangement syndrome against them personally.

Taylor personally used the phrase for the first time in Dec 2018, saying people with the "syndrome" would rather kill the community than be content with his presence.

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