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A page for keeping track of projects that need doing and articles that need fixing/writing

Wiki-wide Projects

  • Fix search drop down not working Issue with Wikibase and requesting non-SSL data
  • Go through and set descriptions for media files to make them more easily searchable
  • I want to create a center column on the bottom of the front page between the featured media section and the socials section. I think it will take some CSS changes. A lot easier than Id expected
  • The_2023_Bimmies/Candidates

Archiving Projects

  • Import Friend Zone forums into the Wideboys forums Uploaded the entire old site in its entirety, but did reorganize the existing BMW forums
  • Add loose SQL/DB files to MEGUMIN-VM for easier access Mostly done, but done on ABIGAIL-SERVER via a WAMP stack for easier use. All existing DBs can now be accessed locally from phpmyadmin.
  • Find a solution for hosting old Discord logs


- People articles are in the worst shape. They need the most attention and the most fleshing out.
- The following two categories are articles that need the most TLC. Stubs just need to be fleshed out with more information, pictures, references, etc. Shit articles need either complete overhauls or are just placeholders and need the most work. If an article has been edited to an adequate level of information, the Shit tag can be removed.

How to update the Front Page

Updating the main page isnt as easy as just editing the front page. All the different sections are actually templates made into subpages as seen below. Many are locked as they don't need to ever be changed.


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