Serenity War

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Serenity War

Brothers in arms clash at Auchindoun
DateEarly 2007
Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest, The Forums
Result Unclear, both sides claimed victory
 COMMUNISM  Serenity
Commanders and leaders
COMMUNISMSpaceballs SerenityGeorgePatton
Units involved
10-15 COMMIES 20+ Serenity Soldiers
Casualties and losses
A few bruised egos, the citizens of Strongbreaker Hold Couple dead Night Elves, the citizens of Allerian Stronghold

The Serenity War was a one off battle and serious of verbal spats between the Alliance PvP clan Serenity and the Horde trolling guild, COMMUNISM. The battle marked a change in direction for the two clans, as afterwards they began to work together instead of feuding.


Tensions began when Spaceballs and GeorgePatton began feuding via the Gorgonnash Forums, calling out each other over various PvP clashes in the open world of Outland. Each side was convinced they were the preeminent trolling/PvP guild on Gorgonnash, and both were determined to prove it. Serenity however, being an actual established PvP guild, more often than not had the upper hand. However, Spaceballs propaganda machine kept the fires of the feud lit.


Tensions hit a climax on a late summer night in 2007, when both guild leaders sounded the horns of war and summoned their amassed forces to the "city of the dead" in Terokkar Forest, Auchindoun. As the event had been partially preplanned, fighting did not occur until most sides had arrived. As in previous cases, Serenity early on had the upper hand, fielding more experience and better geared player killers. However, as the fighting spilled over into the Bone Wastes, and formations broke, COMMUNISM found itself shifting the tides of battle. Fighting continued for about an hour until both sides grew weary of respawning and running back, and the two guilds began attacking the opposing factions cities, mostly ignoring other players.

Future COMMUNISM officer then COMMISSAR, Shelarahn was present at the battle, but played a minor role, as he was getting repeatedly owned.


After the battle tapered off, both sides began claiming victory in local chat, then their respective trade chats. The proclamations eventually made it back to the Gorgonnash forums where both sides would still claim victory. However, the battle kindled a new found respect between the two guilds, despite the faction difference, and afterwards both sides would declare an armistice between them and would even cooperate in times of need.