Banishment of Shelarahn

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The Banishment of Shelarahn

Shelarahn, being kicked from Friend Zone
DateJune 6th 2013 (10 years, 8 months, 3 weeks and 3 days)
Darkspear US, Friend Zone Mumble
Result Shelarahn and his loyalists are purged from Friend Zone. Friend Zone splits from The WIDEVERSE.
COMMUNISMShelarahn Friend ZoneFriend Zone Officers
Units involved
4~ Shelarahn Loyalists 10+ Officers and Friend Zone Loyalists
Casualties and losses
Total None

The Banishment of Shelarahn was a set of decisions made by the other Friend Zone officers and Jorgan to remove Shelarahn from the guild, after a period of disagreement and active hostilities. While long viewed as a tragedy, in the clarity given with hindsight, it allowed COMMUNISM to experience a rebirth and new members of be recruited, setting up a chain of events that would eventually lead The WIDEVERSE into its later eras.


Animosity between Shelarahn and Jorgan was long rooted in Friend Zone, so deep that some would argue it was part of its very foundation. From The Clavo Incident to other incidents of headbutting, it was clear that Jorgan and Shelarahn both had very different ideas on what the future of the guild should be. Things were not helped by the absorption of old Gorgonnash raiders into the guild, many of whom hated Shelarahn from his days on Gorgonnash. The two sides frequently clashed when it came to ideas on how the culture of the group should be handled, whether it should be very casual, or have a rigid structure. Also worrying to the officers, was Shelarahn beginning to revive the original Gorgonnash clan with his friends.

Tensions flared when it was suggested that Check Please and Friend Zone merge. However, as negotiations went on, it became clear to Shelarahn that the merger was more of an absorption, heavily favoring Check Please. He remained steadfast against the merger, eventually tanking the entire deal. This led to a small falling out between Shelarahn and Jorgan, and the former resigning from his officership and his raid position. Shelarahn would eventually return, but in a lessened capacity both by choice and out of distrust from the new officers from the earlier successful merger.

The Banishment

The primary troubles began when a streamer in the guild named Alinity, was given an opportunity through the guild to be sponsored by RaidCall, a Voip community platform. However, she constantly ignored plees to discuss the deal and the officers of Friend Zone never pushed the matter, despite the obvious perks of the deal such as income for the guild to afford paying potential recruits transfer fees.

Shelarahn eventually became so frustrated that he lashed out at the streamers boyfriend, Crownic, going as far as doxxing him on the guilds website. This forced the officers to sever their connections with Shelarahn and remove him from the group.

Aftermath & Legacy

In the immediate aftermath, Shelarahn leveraged most his connections to continue hitting at Crownic, stopping only when legal threats were issued. He gathered his remaining loyalists and bided his time, until months later when Prude would return from Texas, eventually forming the new COMMUNISM.