Chinese Counterattack

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Chinese Counterattack
DateJanuary 23rd 2016 [1]
NewBoondocksOxide Server
 SA Discord
Pubbies, Streamers, and Goons
Commanders and leaders
BMW Taylor Swift ChinaXi Jinping
5 Bimmers 3 Bugmen

The Chinese Counterattack was an assault by exploiting bugmen against BMW during the first day of a wipe on NewBoondocks


During one of the first wipes on NewBoondock, Chinese players known as XS8, Mr.NuoYan, and chaM were active on the server exploiting a glitch that allowed them to place "High External Walls" down and get inside them, allowing them to shoot out while being completely invulnerable. They had been doing this for hours, seemingly with no admins online to stop it.

Attack against BMW

Rej's infamous "Rocket Dunk"

In the late evening of January 23rd 2016, The Chinamen set up near the DREADFORTs construction site and began harassing the Bimmers. However, their antics were cut short when Rej executed what became known in BMW legend as "The Rocket Dunk", killing all 3 and ending their terror.


  1. The date is uncertain. The VOD pulled from Twitch bears that date, but it's uncertain if that is when it actually occurred, though it was within the same general time period.