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This is foremost a community, a community that lends itself to it's members being fairly open and honest with one another. We don't all share the same ideas or interests but we have the bigger commonality of friendship. We do also play games, most of the time, well sometimes. I think a key role in leadership is just guidance. What I want is to foster our commonalities of shared interests. For that to happen I want each member that wants to see something, make it happen. Don't see a channel for a game you want to play? Ask and we can make it and you can lead the charge of forming your group. There is no “in crowd” that is mandatory for you to play games. Just play and have f*n.


There is several entry points (like your mom) into THE WIDEVERSE. All of them atm are Discord tho so if youre not a fan of soyboy Silicon Valley types selling your data and metrics to glow in the dark Langley types then tough shit.


The main component of The WIDEVERSE. The WIDEBOYS Discord is where we do our gaming, most the shitposting, and regular not shitposting.
Discord: https://discord.gg/EQs2yHwq2W


1. Follow Discords ToS.
2. No gamer words. None. Read Discords newest crackdown on "hate speech". So Zero Gamer Words. Not even gamer word equivalents.
3. No Porn
4. No politics or culture war talk that isnt directly related to something else relevant
5. No Goons, No Kiwifarmers, No SomethingSensitives. These sites are nothing but trouble and we cant have that heat here in THE W I D E.
6. No Advertising. This includes: Personal groups/Discords, Money scams, socials, etc. Feel free to shill your stream in #beefytv tho.
7. No backbiting or doxxing or harassment of any kind


The trolling and political Discord. We vet entries a little so have a good excuse ready, Fedboi!
Discord: https://discord.gg/WHguQSE


Q: What the fuck is BMW and why do yall keep calling the group that

A: It's a long story