LAPD Siege

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LAPD Siege

LAPD taking casualties from Bimmer artillery
DateNovember 8th, 2015
Result Massive loss of BMW resources and lives
Commanders and leaders
BMW Taylor Swift
Units involved
8 Bimmers 5~ Pigs
Casualties and losses
Massive Minimal

The LAPD Siege was one of BMWs first massive engagements on Terminus Gaming after the soft restart from the 2015 Hiatus. While technically a win for BMW, it was very much Pyrrhic, as the battle resulted in massive casualties, loss of arms and resources, and a diminished reputation.


When BMW returned to rust after the hiatus, very little information gathering was done on the server, which led to a complete lack of understanding of the other clans. One of the larger more adept clans on the server happened to be LAPD (Unclear if related to the previous LAPD on Rusty Bottoms, but assumed not), who BMW had encountered once or twice in the wild. Its also unclear if LAPDs intention was to raid the DREADFORT, or simply to engage in a gun fight.


The battle began when LAPD started building a sizable base just outside the perimeter of the DREADFORTS outer walls, which was usually the sign of an impending raid. Immediately, Taylor deployed a small ground force to remove the invaders, however, due to lag, the cold weather, and BMW being shit, the ground force was repelled. Taylor assumed command from the top of the DREADFORT and picked up sniper duty, directing the ground troops.

The battle quickly became an utter shitshow. Between Bimmers shooting each other (The server didn't have a plugin protecting against friendly fire), poor directions being given by spotters, Bob being Bob, and Luiptold drunkenly screaming, the Bimmers found themselves simply feeding guns and ammo to LAPD. The only two effective measures against the invaders were rooftop mortar shots, and sniping.

The fighting eventually tapered off mostly due to LAPD getting bored and BMW running out of guns.


The battle was one of the biggest embarrasments for BMW to date. It highlighted the many flaws in the leadership of the group during situations like this, especially with Capitaler gone. The playerbase of Rust had recently increased, as had the skill level, thanks to the Steam Sale that for the first time put Rust on sale. As such, the game was more populated with CSGO players who could actually put up a fight, meaning BMW could no longer win on numbers alone. The battle was also one of the small contributing factors to BMW taking another 2 week hiatus for Fallout 4. The loss also heavily contributed to Taylors rise to power as leader of BMW in the vacuum left after the 2 hiatus'.