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Following dumped from an HTML file in the old VPS backup.

Back in May 2015, a bunch of Goons were playing Bishayler and Shadowgates server and all in different clans (GM, FORD, GAY, GDC, etc. (But fuck Laketown)). GM and FORD managed to hellraid all the pubbies off the server and our population hit the skids. Capitaler came up with the great idea to take the combined Goon forces and go to war with pubbies on a giant server. Our first server was PsiSyndicate where we got hellraided several times then got kicked off the server for stream sniping some 16 year old.

So we went to Rusty Bottoms. Got hellraided a couple of times, then about 2 or 3 weeks in we really hit our stride and starting dominating spergs. For months people tried and failed to attack us. Until one day a clan called SPEED leveled DAS DREADFORT (We later took in all their good players so who REALLY won?). Capitaler and I eventually became admins on Rusty Bottoms and then started the admin abuse bitching. It eventually got old, and with the added bonus of the owner and his friend doing sketchy shit, football season starting, and general burnout, we took a 3-4 month break. We came back and played on a few servers, namely Terminus, Adolf, Boondock, Rusticity, Rusty Bottoms again, EMPIRE, and RustySpitoon.

Terminus was the first server we came back to after the hiatus. It was a high gather server with a decent population and had Method Man (NOT_A_VIRUS.EXE) as co-admin. First week or so was successful, until another giant clan managed to C4 all of our foundations while 3 of us were online, with 2 being AFK making chicken tendies. We gave up the week because of Fallout 4s launch, then came back 2 weeks later. There were a few other clans around, but none as big as BMW other than NAMBLA (The clan that had leveled us previously). We rolled the server pretty good, until NAMBLA started doing shady shit (pre-firing people sneaking behind walls, finding bases weirdly quick, etc.) We later found the admin sleeping in their base, and got fed up with how A. Incompetent the admin was and B. How shady he was.

We then chose Adolf, another high gather server with a pretty fair admin and a bunch of kids. Great two weeks where we rolled everyone and pissed everyone off with the GOON SPACE PROGRAM where we built a tower so tall we were 50 floors above the supply plans. On Tuesday of the second week a group of 2 came and leveled the DREADFORT using 400+ C4. We spent the last [url=]3 days poopsocking[/url] enough C4 for [url=]A Team to infiltrate their base and blow up all their loot.[/url] We left after that because a lot of people were bitching about lag.

Boondock was next. Boondock was amazing. We right off the bat made like 40 enemies who all hated each other but towards the end ganged up to try and take us down (and failed). We left there after a month or two because the population had died off. Ashy and Method spent an entire wipe cycle doing guerilla 5AM shit to hellraid the main big group and it was hilarious. Fun Fact: We are the reason that server still doesn't have SIL because Cal kept posting wanted pictures with peoples real faces on them. Maybe don't put social media links in your public steam profile. :shrug:

Rusticity was Prudes idea. Rusticity was a terrible server. We had a lot of fun but the admin was insane and tried shutting the server down like twice, then started removing the oilpumps near our base "on accident". The server eventually DID shut down and we left to go back to Rusty Bottoms.

Rusty Bottoms Part 2 Electric Squeakers was a clusterfuck. After Cap and I had been removed as admins, Moegex (The head admin) had appointed a 14 year old as our replacement. Him and his clan were using all sorts of shady shit like lag toggling and potentially aimbotting. Two Goons emptied a clip into one and he didn't even flinch. Needless to say we left.

Rusty Spitoon was also pretty good, but Goons were starting to get burned out again, and after a week and a weird decision by an admin to make the map 3 times smaller, we eventually all quit playing. Leading into another hiatus lasting to the XP system was introduced by Garry.

EMPIRE was ok. We owned the HELL out of them all, [url=]especially a clan called DADDY.[/url] Next wipe we did it again, constantly owned people. However they hosted several events a day like Gun game and deathmatch and the server ran like TOTAL aids. Also two admins were bragging about admin abuse ([url=]We later got them removed by astroturfing a Reddit post.[/url])