Rains of Deadlaugh

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The Rains of Deadlaugh

Taylor surveys the ruin of NAMBLAs compound
DateApril 16th, 2017
Result Utter annihilation of NAMBLA
Units involved
10 Shakers 5 Boy lovers
Casualties and losses
Minimal Complete base wipe, total resource loss, forced off server in shame

The Rains of Deadlaugh was a years long revenge tale. Beginning with the extremely suspicious dominance of NAMBLA on the Terminus Gaming server in late 2015, and culminating with their complete obliteration in May of 2017 at the hands of Taylor Swift and The Salt Shakers.


When BMW returned from their 2015 hiatus on November 7th, they returned not to Rusty Bottoms but to Terminus Gaming, a server that Method Man had become admin on. The server already had an entrenched clan called NAMBLA, who were very cozy with the server owner. The first interaction between BMW and NAMBLA was when NAMBLA counter-raided BMW and wipe them. A second encounter came a few days later when THE DREADFORT came under siege while manned by only 3 people. The conditions of the DREADFORT and the non-standard design of it lead to the DREADFORT being lost, with the Bimmers taking another 2 weeks off due to the release of Fallout 4.

When BMW returned, NAMBLA was still reigning over the server. The two groups would clash over time, with NAMBLA usually coming out on top due to extremely suspicious circumstances, especially when it came to light how close they were with the server owner. The final straw was when Taylor snuck up on NAMBLA from 100s of meters away, only for NAMBLA to headshot him the second he turned a corner. BMW left the server for greener pastures, and Terminus died a month or so later.

BMW wouldn't hear from NAMBLA again during the duration of the groups Rusting, aside from seeing a stray member or two on a different server, but never interacting. However, on April 16th 2017, Taylor, playing with a group called The Salt Shakers, would find themselves face to face with NAMBLA once again.


Tensions began between TSS and NAMBLA from the start, when NAMBLA began building a very large base just across the road from TSS' primary base. The two groups sniper battled for several days, trading kills, but neither side was seriously striking. Also notable, was how demure and hesitant NAMBLA seemed, versus how they previously acted, which was extremely aggressive and brash. This was the first sign something had changed.

It was decided on the 21st of April, that TSS would raid NAMBLA, both to prevent them from amassing anymore resources, and to curb the rate with which they were colonizing the area around the TSS base, as NAMBLA was aggressively building more and more towers. A raid base was constructed just to the west of the main NAMBLA compound, as the raid party prepared its assault. The attack came hard and fast, first securing a foothold in an outer tower that was also serving as storage and a furnace room. From there, the Shakers breached into the main base, facing very little NAMBLA resistance, in fact, it was discovered about halfway through, that 75% of the NAMBLA clan had logged off when the raid began, essentially giving up.


In total, the raid lasted a little over an hour, and resulted in a complete loss of resources and the compound of NAMBLA. It was however assumed that NAMBLA had moved a good bit of resources for a potential counter-attack later on down the line, but the secondary base was never found and the counter-attack never came.

The raid came as total vindication for Taylor, who had always held to the accusation that NAMBLA was in some way either cheating and/or using their position and friendship with the owner of Terminus Gaming to somehow get an upperhand. NAMBLAs complete inability to fend off even the medium sized raid group that came after their tower proved that they were not the threat that they were able to be previously.


Taylors Raid POV