2020 Hearthstone Tournament

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The 2020 BMW Hearthstone Tournament
VenueWideboys Discord
DatesApril 2nd - 19th 2020
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silver medal 
bronze medal 


The WIDEVERSE had not had a Hearthstone since mid-2015, and with everyone at home due to COVID and stay at home orders.


The 7 entrants were divided into 3 quarter finals matches using a random seed. Taylor came out as the 1st seed, earning a first round bye.

Quarter Finals

The first match of the Semi finals pitted Capri Sun Tzu against DrWheels, and while the latter came out as victorious, he would later withdraw from the tournament, allowing CST to advance.

In the second round, Pigeon routed his wife Leaffy to a 2 to 0 beatdown. In similar fashion, Prude would easily pass BustrKc in a 2-1 bout.

Semi Finals

Fresh off his first round bye, Taylor would shock the community by forfeiting without even playing a match, sending CST to the finals. Prude would repeat his domination from the first round against Pigeon, 2-1.


The finals became something of a controversy, as Prude easily trounced CST, 2 to nothing, however, it is largely agreed that CST, who was blindingly drunk at the time of the match, might have thrown the game for what reason we may never know.