Battle of the 1x3

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Battle of the 1x3
Part of The Last Conquests

Taylor retreats in shame from the battlefield with the remnants of his forces
DateApril 30th, 2016
Result Massive loss of resources and complete embarrassment, began the downfall of BMW in Rust
Commanders and leaders
BMWTaylor Swift None
Units involved
15 Bimmers 3 dudes in a shtishack
Casualties and losses
Full decimation of BMW forces Almost none

The Battle of the 1x3 (Sometimes called Taylors Waterloo) was a battle in Rust between BMW and a clan called SKK that occurred on NewBoondocks server. It is widely regarded as one of the causes of the decline of the BMW Rust group.

Lead Up

The incident began when scouts reported that an ancillary base belonging to Cynthia Dutch was under attack near the nuclear power plant. Taylor Swift, G-Mach, Vec, and Greenacid quickly dispatched to counter the situation. Upon arriving, BMW found the raid entry point and began to move in for a counter-attack. Vec was almost immediately gunned down, as was Taylor. The group quickly regrouped while calling in reinforcements. An hour later after several kill trades and counter-raids, BMW managed to reclaim the base and patch it up. Intel found that the SKK raid base was only a few meters away in the woods down the hill and appeared to only be a 1x3 shack. An easy win.


By this time, around 10-15 Bimmers had signed on and were fully kitted ready to go. The first wave consisted of a few scouts who were killed while just outside the base. Taylor ordered the main body to move into formation around the base and be ready to attack. After killing a few of the SKK members when they opened their doors, the situation quickly began to deteriorate. Taylors order for explosives was ignored, as the Bimmers kept throwing themselves against the door in an attempt to take the base single handidly. SKK continued mowing down Bimmers one by one, collecting the loot and teleporting it out.

Taylors frustration grew and he decided to take the explosive matter into his own hands, however by the time he was able to make it back with enough ordnance to level the base, the remaining Bimmers had been wiped out. It was a total loss, including the explosives brought. SKK teleported out with everything.


The loss was a massive blow to the morale of BMW, a group that rarely faced utter defeat, especially on this scale. Coupled with several losses in the ensuing weeks, increased burn out by players, the leaders growing frustration at the situation, and Taylors EAC ban, BMW Rust died out almost a month later.