Destiny 2 Folly

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Destiny 2 Folly
DateOctober 24, 2017 - January 12th 2018
Pubbie Clan
 SA Discord
Commanders and leaders
BMW Taylor Swift
SA Discord ADL
BMW Future SA Discord Tempus Thales
10 Bimmers Clan of 10~ 100s of Goons

Destiny 2 Folly was an arc in early WrongThinkTank that preceded its first Golden Age. The conflict began as an earnest attempt to branch into a new game once again, but ended as a war between admins, a conflict that would see itself repeating over the coming year

Proposed Goon Alliance

Before the launch of the game, Tempus Thales of the SA Discord had proposed that his Discord and WrongThinkTank work in tandem on the games launch, having seperated but cooperating clans. This plan fell apart very quickly however, as was typical for TT at the time, and the clan went its own way, but dying very rapidly.

Alex's Reign

One of the main players of the SA Discord clan, AlexanderDeLarge, saw the fiasco as a sign of TT's inability to lead and jumped ship from the clan to WrongThinkTank, offering to help head up the clan. His efforts, along with Future's helped to reinvigorate the clan in late 2017, finally getting a raid time off the ground.

Future's Folly

Because of the games preference for larger clans, Future proposed a merger of the WTT clan and another pubbie clan to help with the raiding and gearing. Taylor shot the idea down, but Future strong-armed it and overruled Taylor on the issue, forcing the merger. It was almost immediately a disaster, as the pubbie caln had its own drama and misfits, most notably a squeaker named "Ghost" whos most notable contribution to the culture was complaining about his dog shitting on his carpet during Taylors New Years Eve stream. With Futures insistence on carrying his wife, who was one of the more subpar players, the raid team again rapidly fell apart, killing Destiny 2 for WrongThink Tank.