Leg Lock Deadlock

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Leg Lock Deadlock

Censored version of the image that the bot attempted to upload half a million times, hammering the server
DateJune 30th - July 5th 2021
 BEEFY BOYS 1 Gelbooru Bot
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
2 amateur tech boys 600GB of hentai

The Leg Lock Deadlock was a short battle waged between Prude and one of Taylors bots that had run wild on BEEFYBOYS.club.

The battle originated from several image posting bots being put into production by Taylor, all of which would post an image from a certain "tag" every 30 minutes. 3 bots were originally ran; One for Shuten Douji from Fate GO, Abigail Williams also from FGO, and one for Yin from Darker Than Black. After extended testing, a 4th bot was spun up, but running a different script. This bot would post a picture from gelbooru, as opposed to the other 3 sourcing from danbooru, from the tag "leg lock", a mostly NSFW tag. However, two problems arose from this new script. First, the tag was riff with large file sizes, specifically from gifs and webms. This problem was quickly solved however by upping the configs default upload size. A second problem however laid in hiding. The instances software ran "exiftools" by default, which would strip the exif data of all posted images. For an unknown reason, exiftools was unable to work on .bmp files, which the leglock bot tried to upload. Due to the instance rejecting the upload, the repeatedly tried to reupload the image every second for over 5 days. Resulting in the bot attempting to reupload the file half a million times, resulting in over half a TB of data being pushed from Taylors VPS to the BEEFYBOYS.club server and the server being constantly CPU throttled due to exiftools trying to process an image every second.

The problem was eventually solved thanks to outside help from a poa.st dev and from Prude and Taylors own troubleshooting efforts and the bots were all soon brought back online (since they had all been taken offline for the 4th to troubleshoot the cpu throttling issue.)