The 3o6 War

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The 3o6 War
DateFebruary 2016
NewBoondocksOxide Server
Result Partial victorys for 3o6 and BMW
 BMW 3o6
Commanders and leaders
BMW Taylor Swift
BMW Ashy
50+ Bimmers 15 Squeakers

The 3o6 War was a war between BMW and 3o6 on NewBoondocks. The war was one of the most even sided wars BMW had fought since the Golden Age of BMW on Rusty Bottoms. 306 forced BMW to reassess many of its tactics and points of infrastructure, forever changing Bimmer warfare. The war officially ended with The Fall of DETROIT, as 3o6 left the server not long after, as did BMW due to the servers increasingly lagging hardware.


BMW was initially entirely unopposed on Boondocks, running roughshod over the entire server, quickly becoming the villain. 3o6 though quickly emerged as a serious contender and threat. They had the manpower and resources to mount defenses and bases comparable to BMW, as well as the twitchy Zoomer shooters that BMW lacked.

Ashy POUNDING that base

Ashys Counter-Attack

Because head to head battles more or less ended in stalemates, Ashy, Jack, Maglock, and Capitaler logged in at 5AM one morning, unleashing a massive arsenal against one of their main bases, completely coring it and securing their loot room.

The Fall of DETROIT

During one of the later wipes on Boondocks, BMW switched from the DREADFORT design to DETROIT, unbeknownst to most the server, specifically 3o6. Security through obscurity was the new motto of BMW, and most clans spent weeks trying to find BMW. They would have remained unsuccessful, had Ozmiander not leaked the location in chat, much to the chagrin of Taylor, who was sidelined for much of the war due to internet issues.