The Trade Chat Domination

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Trade Chat Domination

The word of the COMMISSAR being spread to the masses
DateEarly 2007 - Early 2010
Gorgonnash US Trade Chat
Result Multiple bans, countless indoctrinations, many melties
 COMMUNISM Gorgonnash Population
Commanders and leaders
COMMUNISMSpaceballs None
Units involved
4-5 COMMUNISM shitposters 1000s of unwilling participants
Casualties and losses
1 Permaban, several probations, countless trade chat mutes Some free time and the ability to actually trade in trade chat


While the exact origins of Gorgonnash trade chat troll infestation is lost to time, what is known is that it began its rapid climb during the first few months of 2007 as Spaceballs, at the time an Umbral Sect raider, began harassing and doing bits in trade chat. A cabal of fellow trade chat trolls and forums trolls, like Donbrasher and DJPenguin began to form. At some point of early April 2007, Spaceballs left Umbral Sect to create his own guild with his new contemporaries and like minded trolls for that express purpose. Thus, on April 16th 2007, COMMUNISM was born.

As the guild grew, so did its notoriety, mostly via trade chat. In late July of 2007, a literal who named Shelarahn joined COMMUNISM after his shitty "raiding" guild died. Drawn by the prospect of trolling, which he was very much accustomed to, he sought to join the ranks of Gorgonnashs most notorious shitposters. Shelarahn quickly joined in on the act, quickly becoming a well known and well loathed member of server.

Vandrieas Assault

Months later, one of Shelarahns friends, Vandriea began playing. However, his interest in the game itself quickly waned, so he dedicated himself to trolling trade chat. His primary gimmick was RPing as a Klansman in Orgrimmar, frequently shouting racial epitaphs for hours at a time until a mod finally woke up and trade chat muted him. This continued for some weeks, until finally Blizzard had enough of his shit and permabanned him from the entire game.


The legacy of trade chat trolling has persisted well into the current day. One of the primary MOs of COMMUNISM, COMMIE CREW, and later even BMW and WTT, was to dominate a trade chat or equivalent as a form of cultural pressure on a servers populace. One of the most notable examples came in 2014 with the release of Wildstar, which became COMMUNISMS first MMO anchor game since WoW. The tactic was extremely effective, more so however via the forums, but still quite effective at gaining the guild notoriety.