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Launched4 September 2021 (2021-09-04) (Alpha)
1 December 2021 (2021-12-01) (Beta)
Closed24 February 2023 (2023-02-24)
Owned byWide Media Group
HeadquartersWMG Studios

WIDE TV is the name given to sanctioned streaming events in WIDEBOYS.


In February of 2021, after the hardware failure of the BEEFYTV broadcast servers, a comprehensive overhaul plan was put into place. However, with degrading network quality and finally the repurposing of the servers, the plans were put on hold and ultimately cancelled. However, the general outline was to be repurposed for 2022, when the broadcast studios would receive fiber internet, allowing for better stream quality. With that in mind, on Labor Day weekend of 2021, a successor was conceptualized in the form of WIDEBOYS TV. A complete restructure and rebrand was required for two reasons: First, to reflect the amount of time that will have passed between the two iterations and secondly because the two networks would share little in common. A lesser reason was also to free up the branding for any future BEEFYBOYS.club related projects.

2021 Alpha

A rudimentary system was put into place that same weekend to allow for streaming of live broadcasted football games over satellite. The first alpha test was the Clemson vs Georgia game on September 4th, and a second on September 5th for the Notre Dame vs Florida State game. Both tests were largely successful, and set the standard and expectation for the future of the channel in the form of pop up streams via Discord instead of a traditional browser based channel. The alpha test is expected to last throughout the 2021 College Football Season.

Beta Launch

An unexpected infrastructure upgrade allowed for the alpha to be ended early, and on December 1st 2021 the project was rebranded to WIDE TV and relaunched with the original 24/7 programming. Discord streaming was temporarily dropped in favor of returning to a traditional stream. Scheduled events were expected to return after the 2021 Holidays but were once again delayed.

In July 2022, a comeback of all former programming blocks was planned, but due to yet another unforeseen internet issue, was quickly cancelled along with the 24/7 broadcast until Late 2022 until the fiber upgrade.


Despite the fiber upgrade, WIDE TV, as well as many other outstanding projects, were indefinitely suspended on February 24th 2023.


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