Game Night

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Game Night
Logo for Saturday Game Nights. Trump Pepe image via some guy on DeviantArt[1]
DateAugust 3, 2018; 3 years ago (2018-08-03)
Also known asSaturday Night Game Night, Friday Night Game Night, Friday Night Firefight, TTT Night

Game Night (Or see Also Known As) is an established and schedule night of the week that Bimmers get together to play either a random or established game together.


As part of the BMW 3.0 overhaul, AlexanderDeLarge suggested two new features to the group: #lets-play-games and a weekly Trouble in Terrorist Town game night. Along with that, the idea was also floated to have other nights throughout the week (mostly weekend) for organized gaming for the group. The set of ideas was a massive success and breathed new life into a group that had been hitting a rough skid leading up to the Incel Uprising.

However, Game Nights started to decline to September of 2018 when football season rolled around and Taylor was less available on weekends.

Niche Night

SM64 Online game night

The first Friday of every month as part of the original slate of game nights, was scheduled to play weird or obscure games that people probably would never have tried.

The first Niche Night, while unofficial, was the mass EYE server night where 10~ Bimmers all got on an E.Y.E. server and it turned into a massive shitshow. The first real official Niche Night, whoever, was Super Mario 64 Online, which actually ended up being a rather fun experience, although from a technical standpoint it was a nightmare

The second Niche Night was VRChat, which devolved quickly into a waifu skin picking simulator. After this week, Niche Night mostly died out because of the aforementioned football season.


Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler was a long time party game of BMW, dating back to October of 2016 when the Bimmers played it in Table Top Simulator.

Wildlands Wednesday

Friday Night Firefight

List of Game Nights

Alex visiting the Hanson store in


  • August 3rd: Super Mario 64 Online
  • August 4th, 11th, 18, & 25th: TTT
  • September 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th: TTT
  • Semptember 7th: VRChat
  • October 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th: TTT
  • November 14th: Fallout 76


Note: A few of the TTTs in May were delayed or cancelled because of the final season of Game of Thrones

  • May 12th: TTT
  • May 15th: Wildland
  • May 17th: Insurgency
  • May 18th: TTT
  • May 22nd: Wildlands
  • May 24th: Goldeneye Source
  • May 26th: TTT
  • May 29th: Wildlands
  • May 31st: E.Y.E. (Cancelled for Verdun free weekend)
  • June 2nd: TTT
  • June 5th: Wildlands
  • June 7th: Sven Co-op/
  • June 9th: TTT (Delayed because of Bethesda E3 Conference)