RaGIM' Cajuns

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The 3 GIM just after forming the group.

The RaGIM' Cajuns (Originally named WIDESCAPE, rendered as RaGIM Cajun due to ingame character limit) is a Runescape Group Ironman group comprised of Taylor, Solgnir, and Gorzhak.


Talk of a GIM group began not long after the mode released in October of 2021 between Taylor and Gorzhak, though it never came to fruition.

On October 3rd, Taylor half jokingly pitched the idea to Gorzhak, who agreed, and within an hour the group was formed.

The first death came on October 6th, when Taylor AFK'd west of Lumbridge Castle, just outside the walls and was attacked by a Mugger. Despite autoattacking it down to 1HP, the Mugger killed Taylor.

The second death came a day later on October 7th when while attempting to steal from the Ardougne Silk Stall, Taylor got max hit by a Knight of Ardougne.

The third and final death came on October 13th, shockingly, from Solgnir when he got stacked out by a Mourner during the Biohazard quest. With all their lives lost, the group lost their Hardcore status. Most were shocked it lasted that long. With the status gone, Taylor invited an alt to the group for additional grinding capability.


  • First 99: