The Rout At Rusty Bottoms

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The Rout At Rusty Bottoms
Commanders and leaders
BMW Taylor Swift
15 Bimmers 10 Pubs

The Rout At Rusty Bottoms was a battle between BMW and the new admins of Rusty Bottoms. The outcome is considered one of the most embarrassing defeats in BMW history, and is also considered extremely controversial given admins involvement.


New Boondocks had become unstable and BMW had been forced to find a new server for the group. Rusty Bottoms presented as an interesting choice as a return to the old stomping grounds. Much had changed since BMW had left, with most old clans and admins leaving, leaving Moegex and a squeaker named Lions who BMW had previously bullied as the sole admins. Enthusiasm for the move was very high in the first few days with the jokingly called Poverty Raid by Jack, Rej, and Taylor wherein they raided a massive island compound using only materials found within the base, leveraging their skill and game knowledge to traverse the complex. The rest of the BMW force arrived two days later with the fresh wipe.

Defeat and Fallout

With the fresh wipe was a new oppurtunity, however trouble started almost immediately. The return to Rusty Bottoms attracted many new players interested in BMW's return to its original home, and as such the start was rough with trying to educate new players. Things became worse as after just a few hours, a raiding force led by Lions descended upon THE DREADFORT. The new players freaked out, leaving many doors open as they tried to escape the heavily armed raiders. Suspicions immediately arose at how the small raiding force had been able to aquire so much gear so fast so early on in the wipe cycle. Regardless, the fledgling one floor DREADFORT fell within an hour, leaving BMW embarrased and defeated, forced to retreat from the server in shame.

The attack remains controversial even after many years over the circumstances, especially given the attacker was an admin with a grudge and a lust for revenge.