Valheim Reaving

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Valheim Reaving

Bigger raiders torching Fumbles house for the 10th time
DateFebruary 2021
Valheim Servers
 Wideboys Valheim Pubbies
Commanders and leaders
WideboysTaylor Swift
Units involved
5 Wideboys 100s of pubbies & Goons
Casualties and losses
None Countless bases and loot

The Valheim Reavings were a series of battles in the game Valheim waged against pubbies and Goons alike by the roaming hordes of Biggers.


Valheim came out of nowhere as a big sleeper hit in the early parts of 2021. Strangely enough, Quornes was the one that brought the game to BMWs attention. CST so graciously offered to fund a server for the Biggers, further increasing interest in the game. One of the more interesting aspects of Valheim was how its servers worked. Character data was stored client side, not server side, so players could take loot and anything else from server to server, even into single player games. This opened many doors for fuckery.

First Assault Against Goons

The spoils of war from the SA Discords server.

The first target naturally was Goons, most notably Tempus Thales and his open server, Capri taking as much gear as he could carry and simply logging out with all of it, forcing TT to rollback his server.

Pubbie Slaughter

The ruins of a pubbies base.

When Goons began locking down their servers with passwords, Biggers turned to public servers, scouring for hours for open servers. It was around this time Taylor realized that the games client side tendency also applied to Cheat Engine, allowing him to fly and edit weapons to one shot people and buildings. Several larger servers suffered the WIDEBOYS stealing all their shit and destroying their bases with ease. Most notable was a Brazilian server that cried for an hour in Portuguese about the "hackers".