WIDEBOYS Community Discord

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The Wideboys Community
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FormationJanuary 8, 2022; 14 months ago (2022-01-08)
AffiliationsThe WIDEVERSE

The WIDEBOYS Community Discord (known internally as the Public Server or Server 3 during MOTHER planning) is the primary public square of The WIDEVERSE. Announced in conjuction with The BEEFY BOYS podcast and stream as well as The WIDEVERSES vtuber agency, WIDEVANIA, the server was started to preserve the unique social culture of the original WIDEVERSE Discord, while also allowing growth by inviting in new fans and members.


Even before BEEFY BOYS split off political chat in early 2019, the concept of a separate server for the gaming space dates all the way back to 2017 after membership began spiking in BMW. The plans were never realized as The Great 2017 Slump began and was ultimately shelved indefinitely.

Calls for a new space began in early 2021, was WIDEFORCE began, which necessitated its own Discord. The WIDEFORCE Discord lasted for several months until the games downturn forced the group into a hiatus, and eventually disbanded, as did the Discord. Later in 2021, as planning for several different projects like The BEEF Stream and the vtubers of WIDEVANIA entered planning stages, did the idea of a "3rd server" arise again. The server was set up on Dceember 13th, with admins and mods being invited ahead of the official release to set up.


As part of the 2021 Bimmies, Taylor announced the opening of the Discord official on January 8th, allowing all Bimmers to finally join. Reception on the idea was lukewarm at first, but was eventually fully adopted as many began to see the merits.