The Adolf Massacre

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The Adolf Massacre
Part of The Last Conquests

Players expressing their dissatisfaction in a calm and appropriate manner
DateDecember 12th - December 17th, 2015 (5 days)
Result Total loss of the DREADFORT and compound, hours lost to revenge farming, the Coalitions bases.
 BMW Clan Colition of ICE, ISR, and LGI
Commanders and leaders
BMWTaylor Swift Unknown
Units involved
20+ Goons 10+ Pissed Nerds
Casualties and losses
DREADFORT Coalition Compound

The Adolf Massacre was a massive attack and counter-attack between BMW and a clan coalition formed against BMW on the server ADOLFS. The massacre marked only the second time in recorded history a DREADFORT had fallen completely, and the first time it had fallen to a complete offline raid.


After the failure on Terminus, BMW had move to a another modded server called ADOLFS. The server, as it first appeared, had no real competition and no real big clans. The only real push back against BMW was a slew of squeakers who would come to take potshots at THE DREADFORT only to have their client crash due to THE SPACE PROGRAM tower and a small gang of raiders who managed to take over a one story DREADFORT only to be wiped by Ashy with an AK and Taylor with a big cleaver sword.

BMW had come to the wipe late, as ADOLFS only wiped every two weeks instead of the traditional 1 week of most other 3x+ modded servers. As such, many people had already left the server and most bases were husks or just simply abandoned. This included a large island compex to the northwest that was briefly scouted but ruled to be abandoned by BMW scouts. As such, it was not ruled to be a suitable raid target that would bring any sort of returns. This would soon prove to be a fatal mistake.


The Adolfs DREADFORT with SPACE PROGRAM tower. Notice the artifacting and model distortion of the tower.

On the morning of the 12th of December, 2015, a small band of well armed raiders completely foundation raided THE DREADFORT while all of BMW was offline. This indicated a sizeable stash of explosives since it was later calculated to taken 200+ rockets or 500+ C4 to destroy all the needed entities to bring down a fully built and upgraded DREADFORT. A coalition of clans that had existed before BMW had arrived, it is assumed, geared back up in the final days to destroy BMW. Many bases had been mysteriously and meticulously raided by an unknown party, turns out, it was them. They had remained anonymous enough via obscurity and due to BMWs lack of investigation into their island compound.

In the place of the fallen base, they erected a manifesto (see image at top), bragging about their accomplishments and warning the Bimmers to stay away. However, this had the opposite effect, as did their posturing in the server chat. BMWs former experiences with the HR Raid and the SPEED Raid had prepared BMW for the inevitable possibility of once again suffering a complete loss.

Revenge of the Toolbags

From the afternoon of the 12th to the morning of the 16th, all remaining Bimmers worked overtime to amass as much explosives and raid material as possible, in order for an elite strike team to go in and exact revenge against the coalitions raid base on the northwestern island. Taylor and Peaches spent several hours completely mapping the island and charting out the best possible entry points on what appeared to be the primary base.

Taylor destroying all the coalitions loot, after executing all their sleepers.

On the evening of the 16th, after all the coalition members were confirmed to be offline, Peaches and Taylor broke back into the compound and began the assault on the main base. The attack had to be slow and methodical in order to ascend the base, which was specifically designed to not be easily raidable, but using old tactics from Capitaler, their main loot room was able to be infiltrated by blowing 3 doors, 2 walls, and a ceiling tile, then using two people to boost Taylor up.

Taylor exacted revenge by slaughtering all sleepers and then demoing all their remaining loot boxes. Once the main base was done, the team, of which Prude had now joined in, moved onto the ancillary bases, find more sleepers and more surplus explosives. The water base of the coalition proved however to be the hardest nut to crack. Requiring the team to stand on one small rock out in the middle of the ocean from where they threw C4 onto the building. The going was slow but eventually the base was breached and ascended, resulting in the last of the sleepers and assumadly the last of the loot. The leader and primary braggart of the massacre was never found, however.

The tiny ass rock used to breach the sea base of the coalition.


  • Parts of the raid are featured in the beginning of Rusty Goons 5
  • This was the 3rd and final time a full DREADFORT was leveled by enemies: First via SPEED and second by the No-Clipper Attack