ARMA Expedition

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ARMA Expedition

Biggers celebrate a successful mission
DateJune 12th 2016 - July 18th 2016
Pub Servers, BMW server
Commanders and leaders
BMW Taylor Swift
BMW Jack
20+ Bimmers Dozens of Pubs, Couple of rowdy Bimmers


In the summer of 2016, Rust had begun to wind down. A replacement game was required and the prevailing suggestion was ARMA III due to the Exile mod that added Rust style base building to the game.

Pubbie Server

A very normal op

The first server chosen was a publicly hosted server running the Exiles mod on the Esseker map. As many of the Bimmers were new to not only Exile, but Arma itself, the first few days were very much a learning process. Quickly though, heavy trolling began as BMW would often bait people into armored vehicles rigged with explosives. There was little aim or objective aside from shitting around. BMW quickly ran afoul of the admins of the server, specifically for griefing people in safezones by running over them repeatedly and stunlocking them. The admin responded by teleporting all of BMW and their vehicles into the furthest reaches of the map.

Bimmer Server

The second server was BMW owned, rented by Jack, allowing the Bimmers to mod the server as they saw fit, with specific effort from Rej. This server too ran Exile, but on the Altis map.

Ashy would later have a meltdown from getting secretly sniped by Rigby.