BEEFY Troubles

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Artists recreation of Prude and Succs banning
DateJuly 12th 2016 - September 28th 2016
Result Prude and Succ banned, Gmach goes on hiatus, Ashy gets angry (lol shocker)
Commanders and leaders
BMWTaylor Swift BEEFY BOYSPrude
100+ Bimmers 5~ BEEFY BOYS
Casualties and losses
None Prude and Succ banned

The BEEFY TROUBLES (Also referred to as the 2nd COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR) was a dispute between BMW leader Taylor Swift and BMW mod Prude, both formerly co-leaders of COMMIE CREW. The core of the dispute was over the direction of BMWs culture and the other BMW admins dislike for Prude and Succ. The war eventually ended with Prude and Succ returning, but leaving a long lasting rift between Taylor and the other admins, in what would 2 years later result in The Wonka Uprising.


When BMW was formed, only Prude and Taylor were very involved in it out of all the COMMIES. Succ especially seemed fairly distant from the project, mostly due to his lack of interest in Rust. Despite having sought a better and bigger group for COMMIE CREW to have, most of the core members rejected the idea, or werent too receptive if they had joined the Discord at all. Taylor felt a slight bitterness about this, but mostly kept it to himself and occasionally ragged on Pigeon for it. However, in the waning months of Rust, as the group for the first time was finding itself without a core game to play and to keep its attention, resentments within the group started the grow, especially between some of the admins and Succ, who was at the time, the only real hard core anime nigga and anime was still fairly haram in BMW. Many of the admins, Taylor included, ragged on him for being a "pedophile" for liking anime and linking some suspect anime girls (For clarification, Succ never linked anything underaged. The character he was showing was indeed over 18, but looked really young and at the time it was weird af tbqh).

The Bans

Because of those reasons and Succ and Prudes general antagonistic behavior, especially in light of the 2nd Rusticity War and the general rocky foundation of the group, Taylor banned Succ from BMW. Prude was obviously irate and immediately overhauled the old COMMIE CREW discord into THE BEEFY BOYS. For some reason, the exact same admins who had begged for Succ to be banned, were also present in the splinter Discord where the group was complaining about Taylor (the full light of their treachery would years later be revealed during the Wonka Uprising). Meanwhile, back in BMW, G-Mach would get so butthurt about the whole ordeal that he ghosted everyone for a month, until he re-appeared one day and banned Prude. However, the G-Mach that returned wasnt the same as he was. He had gone from a carefree but likeable shitposter to a self-important crybaby whos only aim was to fuck with people.


When everything had calmed down and everyone mostly seemed appeased and back to playing games and having a new path set for BMW, Taylor set out to make amends with Prude and Succ over the issue. On September 28th, Taylor messaged Prude on Facebook and had a lengthy discussion where they both agreed to faults in the matter, and agreed to work towards a reconciliation. Taylor floated the idea in BMW amongst the admins, but most were adamantly opposed to it (again, reasons why not revealed until years later). However, in late November, Prude returned regardless, followed shortly by Succ, in an action that would cause Ashy to rage out and leave BMW forever (shocker lmbo).