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This article is outdated
Details may have drastically changed since it's writing and are no longer accurate or relevant and requires a rewrite to some degree.
"Whats up my Biggers?"

So, you've stumbled upon our little slice of Purgatory have you? Well Dante, you're in for a world of stuff. Mostly autism, but a little bit of friendship (but 99.999% autism). So sit back, maybe get a HOT slice of pizza from the mall, and get to know what your therapist will be hearing about in 6 months.

Man, what the FUCK is BMW?

A brief explanation of what the Hell is happening in this group.

BMW is the overarching name of the group. It's an acronym standing for BEEFY BOYS, MOTHER, Wideboys, although originally the name was chosen when several Rust clans from the SomethingAwful server, Goon Playground, who all had car theme names (ie. FORD, GM) combined forces and began raiding pubbies (derogatory term for non-group members). The group renamed twice afterwards, first to Wrongthink Tank (shortened to WTT) then finally to Wideboys, which is arguably the coolest name possible. We also have a trolling/political/controversial posting offshoot called BEEFY BOYS which has its own Discord and attached sites.

Then why do you call it COMMUNISM sometimes?

This might help explain some things but probably not.

When the group was originally formed in early 2007 it was named COMMUNISM by a fat New Yorker named Spaceballs. The group, a World of Warcraft guild at the time, was the plague upon trade chat on the US server of Gorgonnash. In time, the guild attracted many of the better shitposters, namely Shelarahn who would go on to lead the group over the next decade or so, until they merged into BMW as the clan GAY. As the leader of both COMMUNISM and BMW, Shelarahn, now named Taylor, merged the two into one entity and one shared history.

OK, so what do yall DO exactly?

Uhhhhhhh....I mean I guess we're a gaming group? We used to be BIG into World of Warcraft, then Wildstar, then Rust, but we don't do any of those anymore (except WoW). Mostly we're just a shitposting group who coincidentally plays video games. We don't do one specific thing we do a little bit of everything tho, and we usually go with the flow. BMW is mostly a member driven group, so if someone wants to play something or get into a new jam, we're there for it. We also have quarterly tournaments, bi-monthly movie nights, weekly Scifi streams as well as weekly anime streams, and our own 24 hour livestream showing old VODs and streams.

To be more specific tho, we've gotten into a few joints, such as:

Who runs this crap wagon?

Taylor is the undisputed WIDEKING of The Wideverse.

However, different segments of BMW have different leadership, such as BEEFY BOYS being led and developed almost solely by Prude

I'm still reading because I'm a masochist and/or autistic, where do I go for more info?

Very cool my dude, if you've made it this far without dying of cringe you're probably a MASSIVE chad whos sexual prowess is renowned and potentially feared. Most your funs going to be had directly in The 'Cord (Not in Discord? Fix that here but if you're a real pipe hitting gamer word, then you'll want to delve deeper into the history and information about BMW. Try the following links for some HOT LOADS (of info):

  • Portal:People_&_Groups - A list of current and past members, rival and enemy groups, and other asspies
  • Portal:Games - A historical list of all the games we've played
  • Portal:Lexicon - The All Mighty Bimmer Lexicon to understand all our SUPER dated inside jokes and BAVE (Bigger American Vernacular English)
  • Portal:Battles - All the battles and trolls through the years we have done and had done upon us, but the latter is impossible because we are a little to high concept to be "got".